Previous Projects

For those of you wondering what I was getting into before tool making, here are a few photos of the projects I've made along the way: 


Cherry and Birdseye Maple Display/Storage case. The carcass as well as the drawers are joined together with hand cut dovetails. A locking frame and panel pocket door to keep out intruders. And, lastly, the door panel and drawer fronts are all veneered with some stunning birdseye maple. As for the maple, I have yet to find it's rival. 

Roll top Walnut and Maple Breadbox. The walnut carcass was joined with both dovetails and mortise and tenon joints. The embellishments on the box are holly stringing and sand shaded leaves. This piece was auctioned for the benefit of the Jane Bonvini Medical Relief Fund.

Curly Maple Porringer Table. The dutch legs are offset turnings. The base is held together with pinned mortise and tenon joints. As for the shape of the top I've heard mixed notions for the circular corners. The most predominant one being a place for candles. However, I've found it a fantastic spot for my beer mugs. With a coaster of course! I'm still a lady. 

Mahogany Music Stand. I went through a Samuel McIntyre phase back in '09 and this is what came of it. The column was turned then carved with ascending grape leaves and drapes at the bottom vase with "rat feet" legs.

Cherry  Chippendale Chair. This was made from some of the best cherry I've ever worked with (Thank you Irion Lumber) The Chair was put together with a variety of simple and complex mortise and tenon joints. I was proud to hear from the owner that over the years it has been getting used and lovingly abused on a daily basis and she's still solid as a rock!  

Pro Kadima Paddles. Just a fun side project to practice some marquetry .

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