The travishers are offered in two different sweeps:

The Standard Sweep- 3 3/4" radius, this is the more versatile of the two sweeps that is able to create ultra concave areas. This is the recommended tool to start out with.

The Shallow Sweep- 5 1/2" radius, this tool you could think of as a smoothing plane, it removes the scalloped ridges of the more extreme sweep making scraping and sanding easier. 
Both of these sweeps are available in:

 Walnut or Cherry for $255

Curly Maple for $305

I'm always adding to my exotic stash so if interested in exotic travisher please feel free to ask what I have available.

+$10 for shipping

If interested in ordering a travisher,  please send me an email with your preferred sweep and wood choice.

Please note that these are hand made tools and right now the current lead time is 18 months. 


  1. Dear Claire, can you make one out of Osage Orange? If you can not I would like to be on the list to receive a walnut one in the 3 3/4 radius please.

  2. Hi Claire, I met you at Handworks and put my name on your list to purchase one of your travishers. The above comments have me curious! I have over 50,000 feet of native hardwoods that I sell and was wondering if I could possibly send a select piece to you for making a travisher (maybe enough for a couple of them and leave the extra for your use?) I have Osage orange ready to go also. Thanks!